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My name is Emily Sanchez and I’m the Divorce Coach. Having been through a divorce myself, I know how difficult it can be. I felt overwhelmed as a newly single mom and disheartened that my future would be completely different than I had imagined. After going through the training to become a life coach through Robbins/Madanes Training and Strategic Intervention, I knew that I could couple my skills with my experience from the past…

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Dynamic Coaching Through Break Up

Our Testimonials

  • I've been extremely lucky to have Emily's listening ear as I've gone through some of my own challenges in life and post divorce. I feel that I can speak openly with her about my concerns and after listening, she gives sound advice with simple yet effective solutions to help! She clearly explains ways to help you see the bigger picture and what is truly most important. I would highly recommend Emily if you are having a difficult time in any area, whether it's divorce or just daily issues that can weigh anyone down.
  • Emily has been a long time friend and helped me so much while I was going through a divorce in 2013-14. She is genuine and empathetic and candid and I am so grateful to have her in my life.
  • This testimonial of a client of Coach Emily Sanchez shows that she sees clients not just for divorce.
    Leyla went through a devastating loss of her husband.
    Link video.
  • I have found Emily to be an essential guide for me in my life, not necessarily in divorce but in other areas of trial her advice and guidance have been instrumental in my overall happiness. Emily genuinely cares and has a great listening ear, and also has the insight to be able to say those things that you need to hear to help get you to a better state of mind. I’m so thankful for her and would highly recommend her coaching services.
  • I reached out to Emily with a question I had after a singles conference and she was so willing and ready to answer! She was sensitive but straight-forward. I would highly recommend everyone that has experienced or is going through a divorce to take advantage of her knowledge and gifts! The podcasts are great!!! Thanks Emily!
  • Emily is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. She is extremely analytical by stepping outside of the box and seeing things differently than the expected response, using logic and listening skills. A deep thinker with experience, education, non-judgmental and empathy. Emily will definitely guide you in the direction of healing, reaching goals and pursuing your dreams. Beautiful person, inside and out.
  • Highly recommended! I am grateful to have found Coach Emily Sanchez via Instagram and her podcast, and for eventually reaching out and finding that I could have video coaching sessions with her from another state! This has been a game-changer and a huge blessing to have her perspectives and her experience to give me validation, hope, and the coaching I needed to create and live the life I want, and to challenge my perspectives. After my first session and beyond I have shared the great experience of working with Emily with several friends. I love counseling, but finding Emily's coaching and connecting with our experiences was the missing piece to my puzzle that I desperately was searching for.
  • I was immediately impressed with my new Life and divorce coach. We conducted our session via FaceTime and I felt like we were in the same room together. Emily puts you at ease and is not only a phenomenal listener and coach, but keeps the goals and proactive remedies active through emails after each session. I spent several years getting therapy and was ready for something new and this kind of coaching fit my needs perfectly. I highly recommend her to anyone who's been through a traumatic divorce/break up or anyone having marriage problems.
  • Emily is AMAZING! I feel like I accomplished more with her in one hour than I have in months of therapy. So extremely efficient in helping me set attainable goals and helping me realize I have a whole life ahead of me that I can create in any way that I want to! She helped me look at things in a whole new perspective. I have never looked at my impending divorce in a positive way and Emily helped me to see the opportunity that I have to change my life for the better. For the first time in many years, I am so excited for my future. Thank you so much Emily!!
  • She is a very special lady. Her integrity is amazing...

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