About me – Coach Emily Sanchez
i all! My name is Emily Sanchez and I’m the Divorce Coach.
Having been through a divorce myself, I know how difficult it can be. I felt overwhelmed as a newly single mom and disheartened that my future would be completely different than I had imagined.

After going through the training to become a life coach through Robbins/Madanes Training and Strategic Intervention, I knew that I could couple my skills with my experience from the past. Now, as I offer coaching and guidance to those going through break up, divorce, or loss, I can honestly say I have found my calling in life. I have since remarried, had three more children, completed my Bachelor’s degree and Board Coach Certification, and enjoy a working and loving relationship with my ex as we all parent our amazing daughter.
When I coach those going through or after a break up, I give complete focus and individual attention to my clients for a one hour period. I coach using clear strategies that are unique to the situation. I will issue action steps at the end of each session to see movement and results tailored to the individual. I use a program I have written as a guide to ensure that progress is being made. As we work through thought, emotions, and actions to create strong clarity and focus, you will begin to see a newness in life that is easy and joyful.

The ten pillar program consists of moving through these steps:

Typical one hour session is $100.

There are discounted package options available.
First mini session (20 minutes) is free.

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